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Rosemary Sloot

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Rosemary Sloot is a London artist who attended The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design during it's hey-day in the mid 70's, received an M.V.A. in painting from The University of Alberta and a B. Ed. from The University of Western Ontario.  She was a part-time painting instructor for twenty two years and has been painting for forty  years.  Her work is in public collections in Canada and private collections in North America and abroad.  Her most recent traveling exhibition was IMMIGRANT which dealt with her family's immigration experience to Canada from The Netherlands in the years following W.W.II.

This series of paintings looks back at the still life work done earlier in my career and revisits plant imagery which I briefly touched on in the late 1970's, but now the images lack specificity, are out of focus and more abstract so that the viewer is encouraged to contemplate and be drawn into a dream like space.  The oil paintings are executed on thick, coarse hand made paper.  I find I am able to work out my ideas more quickly on paper than canvas and the roughness of the surface adds depth and richness to the images.

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