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Amanda Rowe

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Amanda Rowe is a London based artist that paints in her downtown working studio. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Ontario and Quebec. Her artistic talents are not limited to the visual arts, she is also a classically trained singer and finds the deepest expression of her creativity by merging the two such as in her recent video ‘Last Night I Dreamed I Was Home Again’ on You Tube.

Amanda was born in England, and spent her childhood years in South America, the United States and, finally, Toronto, Canada. After completing her studies at the University of Toronto, she moved to London, Ontario. It was there she began to focus on her lifelong interest in painting. 
Amanda is known for her "mannequin people" (Proxemics and Body Language on Stage)  shown at the McIntosh Public Gallery and her series "It's in the Bag" which has toured Ontario and Quebec.
She was awarded the Jurors' Choice Award at the Woodstock Public Gallery. Her recent series include "Views of a Tourist" and "Eyes of a Cat".  These works are available in commercial galleries and have led to a growing demand from collectors. 
Amanda gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

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