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Leslie Miles

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Whether painting landscape or cityscape, I work plein air - rarely from a photo. The uncontrollable, sometimes chaotic, elements of nature – the light, the season, the time of day – can turn a familiar scene into something special.  This makes me want to capture its  essence. The challenge is to draw and paint the subject, measuring one element against another, in a window of time before the light changes. The result may be less accurate in detail, but it is also more vibrant and true.

In my studio, I create large silkscreen paintings from some of my plein air sketches. The process requires planning , and is thus much more methodical and contemplative than my plein air work. I believe my memories of battling the  elements –the sun and the wind, the heat and the cold –give me a deeper  understanding of my subject.

I work in order and chaos, just like the world.

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