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Joel Masewich

Joel Masewich, is a professional visual artist, working full-time for the past 16 years. He exhibits and sells his work across North America - in Florida, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Ontario and B.C.. He lives and works in Elora, Ontario and sells through galleries and dealers as well as commission sales.

Joel Masewich is primarily an abstract painter; working with acrylic on paper or canvas. His multi-layered, imaginary works represent his emotional response to landscapes and sometimes to events or ideas. Many of his paintings are strongly horizontal and contain visual references to water or light. His vivid colours are sharply contrasting, as if lit by direct sunlight. His technique is to layer paint, then quickly intermix it with palette knives and brushes, leaving a sharp and lively interplay of colour. The result is a moment in time, much like the dance and colour of a traditional landscape.

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