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Jerre Davidson

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Using the contradictory properties of glass has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to explore this element of the landscape. 
I am particularly drawn to moving water which is a primary element in the Canadian landscape and much of my recent work seeks to share the changing mood and rhythm of this landscape.    I take many photographs of the local countryside to capture a specific moment in time then I interpret that photograph in glass.  My landscapes are created exclusively out of glass.  I do not use any paint in this process.  I shape the glass trees and branches over a flame and using frits (small granules of glass) I lay out the images layer by layer to communicate my experience to the viewer.   Some of my pieces are assembled and fired face down allowing for a more impressionistic image.  Others are composed of a number of layers fired face up many times.  I sometimes manipulate the glass in the kiln while it is hot to add more movement to the piece but in every work the underlying goal is to communicate movement and rhythm within the landscape.  My hope is that the viewer will smell the damp earth, hear the rushing water or feel the wind in their face as they view my finished work.”

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