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Phylis U'Ren

Phylis was born in Truro, Nova Scotia. Her background is in
design and computer graphics. She has been seriously
sculpting since becoming a parent in the early 80’s; art kept
her both sane, and at home at night with her son. As a single
parent, money and space were issues, but those limitations
forced her to perfect small sculpture in the benign medium of
papier-mâché. It also led Phylis to play with a variety of
creative products during the refinement of her process. Kinetic
sculpture, including mobiles and hanging spinners, speaks to
her love of the third dimension and the fact that movement
entertains her with its ever-changing relationships. Art that
hangs from the ceiling also solved the space issue.
A gallery owner once advised Phylis that people attribute
value to weight, and thus her shakers were born - feeding the
artist's love of music and movement. Phylis' subjects range
from birds, fish and animals to figures and "folk." Currently
she delights in the details and mobile compositions of her
larger bird series and She continues to play with new
sculptural subjects such as sight hounds and shorebirds.
Phylis loves birds because of their superpowers (they fly and

Some examples below.


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