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Kayo O'Young

"I have found over the years that as I change and mature so does my work. For many years I was afraid to be too bold. I would guess that this was my oriental background coming through. I am no longer afraid to expand and reach out. I want my work to reflect today. I can't forget from whence I came but I want to be looking forward looking as well."

Kayo O’Young is recognized as one of Canada’s finest porcelain potters. In the industry, he is known as “a potter’s potter, the highest acclaim” and he serves as both teacher and inspiration to numerous potters. Kayo’s work is the focus of numerous exhibits in prestigious museums, galleries, private and public collectionsworld wide. His work has also been the subject to two films: The Hand and the Spirit (TV Ontario, 1992) and Playing with the Fire (CBC Arts and Entertainment, 1993).

Each of Kayo’s pieces are one-of-a-kind originals. He pays the utmost attention to detail, leaving no area of the work untouched by his genius. Each piece is hand-signed by the artist.

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