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David Leeson


Sweetgrass Wood Company began in 1978 from the remains of a fallen turn-of-the-century sawmill on Manitoulin Island in the north end of Lake Huron. After building a summer home on a grassy knoll near the old sawmill, we began salvaging 200-year-old eastern white pine slabs from the shoreline. Each of these beautiful and distinctly unique pieces of wood was dried out in the summer sun and shaped into a different product for the cottage or a friend who would appreciate the rich history.

Today the few remaining boards are highly coveted by our family and will most likely never be sold. However, the spirit with which these boards were crafted goes into every product we create. Whether you’re purchasing a handcrafted cutting board or a custom design of your choosing, you’ll know it’s one-of-a-kind. Every piece is made of premium cuts of wood with the same careful consideration that went into the very first piece of salvaged wood that got us started.

All boards finished with food safe mineral oil and natural beeswax.

How to care for your board
Do not put in dishwasher
Rinse and wipe clean with dry cloth
Occasionally apply vegetable grade mineral oil

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