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The word “doss” is a derivative from the german word “dose” which means “box maker.” My mother’s maiden name is “Dosman” which tracks back to the name of my ancestors who originally went by the name Doseman. It was only in the course of reading an update of my family history that I discovered this link to a long, genetic line of box makers! “Doss Designs” was therefore born! Perhaps it is not the birth of something brand new but rather a kind of re-awakening of a long line of craftsmanship in the Dosman family.

I now make a range of unique wood working creations – with most being based on the principles of a simple box.  I began this endeavour by making cremation urns in 2014 – and then expanded to making serving trays and keepsake boxes.

My subsequent focus on serving trays and keepsake boxes was to bring some of the beauty of my wood creations to everyday life. What could be better than tea and scones on a beautiful serving tray? Or – there is nothing more lovely than the buttery touch of fine wood when tucking away a family heirloom in a keepsake box.



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