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Scott Barnim

Artist's Statement

I have always been a potter. I must have known this on some unconscious level the first time that I saw a potter, when I was only four years old. That was forty years ago and I still respond the same way to the process.
Most of my work is of a domestic scale, whether people use my work or not, it remains important to me that it can be used. It is even more important to me that the participant can’t resist using my work. It must be bright and lyrical, engaging and life affirming, spontaneous and fun; Oh yes, I forgot modest.
Those are all useful qualities if you intend to earn a living from pot making, which I do, and therein lies the more serious concern. You have to devote a great deal of yourself to your production work in order to retain some of that nearly impossible list. However one also has to make some time to try new forms and play with ideas that have nothing to do with business pots; work that comes from the playful side of creativity. It requires nothing less than the perfect balance between inspiration and practicality.

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